Mhani Alaoui

Mhani Alaoui is a writer based in Casablanca, where she lives with her husband and sons. She teaches anthropology at the Casablanca School of Architecture. She lived in the US for twelve years, earning a PhD in anthropology from Princeton University, before returning to Morocco. Her first novel, Dreams of Maryam Tair, is a critically acclaimed work of magical realism based on the tale of Scheherazade.

Mhani Alaoui, born in 1977, is a Casablanca-based writer. She lived and studied for a long time in the US and received her PhD in anthropology from Princeton University. After twelve years in the US, she decided to move back to Casablanca where she worked as research director at the Foundation of one of Morocco’s largest corporations. A couple of years ago, she decided to leave her job and devote her time to writing. She currently lives in Casablanca, Morocco with her husband and two young sons. This is her first novel.