Book Size: 5.25" x 8"

Pages: 272

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781623719685

Imprint: Interlink Books

Edition: 1

Release date: Fall 2018

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Aya Dane

A novel


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About this book

An evocative novel from the award-winning author of Dreams of Maryam Tair.

Aya Dane creates mixed media paintings and writes a diary in her studio above a strange, old Cambridge townhouse. There she lives alone, having left her childhood home in Tangiers. Though she has carved a name for herself in the art world, she allows herself just one close relationship, to an intimate companion named David.

One day, Aya receives a letter from a powerful, enigmatic patron, an invitation to submit her ultimate work to his collection. If he deems it worthy, he promises, her art will live on forever. Aya finds herself unable to resist the mysterious invitation, and challenge.

But as she begins to work on the commissioned painting, from her top-floor perch, the streets of Tangiers reappear to her. Their white-and-blue walls, purple bougainvillea, sweetness and sorrow bring back to life people and events she thought she'd left behind. Aya becomes haunted by forgotten scenes, only to discover that she herself is being painted, on a canvas from which it seems impossible to escape.


About the author

Mhani Alaoui is a writer based in Casablanca, where she lives with her husband and sons. She teaches anthropology at the Casablanca School of Architecture. She lived in the US for twelve years, earning a PhD in anthropology from Princeton University, before returning to Morocco. Her first novel, Dreams of Maryam Tair, is a critically acclaimed work of magical realism based on the tale of Scheherazade. Mhani Alaoui, born in 1977, is a Casablanca-based writer. She lived and studied for a long time in the US and received her PhD in anthropology from Princeton University. After twelve years in the US, she decided to move back to Casablanca where she worked as research director at the Foundation of one of Morocco’s largest corporations. A couple of years ago, she decided to leave her job and devote her time to writing. She currently lives in Casablanca, Morocco with her husband and two young sons. This is her first novel.

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Alaoui , Mhani




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Fall 2018

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Casablanca , Morocco


A novel


5"å_"å x 8"å


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